Our Philosophy

There are so many things broken about our health-care system today. So much is controlled by businessmen who have profits and not patient care as their focus. The gradual move toward hospital-owned practice models has left very few independent physicians still in practice, and many of those have opted for concierge or direct-care models that result in higher costs for patients.

This practice still hopes to provide care in a manner that many would see as old-fashioned. We still provide insurance billing, because you pay a lot in premiums. We do our own billing, rather than outsourcing it, so that you can speak to a person who understands what you were seen for and what gaps there are in your coverage. We have a single physician. No nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants or other “extenders,” because you deserve to see a doctor.

We try to minimize the amount that we send you to other providers. If we can take care of things here, we will, because specialists are expensive and time-consuming.

We single-book our appointment slots. You are not sharing your appointment time with two or more other people to maximize our profit. That means you get your full appointment time to discuss what you need to discuss. It also means that we expect you to be on time, because your time is valuable, and so is the time of the next person on the schedule.

The reason health care in this country doesn’t continue to run most practices the way we do is because it’s not profitable. So we have streamlined our business to the bare-bones. It’s a small office. We are humans. Some days we overlook things, and some days we are overwhelmed. Often, the insular hospital-based systems cause roadblocks in our attempts to order tests or specialist consults. We try to extend you the grace of a real appointment time with no wait and no hassle. We ask that you extend us the grace of allowing us the time to provide you the quality of care we feel you deserve.

The doctor completed her residency in a field called “family and community medicine.” We try to provide care in a way that emphasizes that we are a part of a community. If this “more community, less corporate” model appeals to you, we might be a good fit. Give us a call.