Mount Washington Family Medicine

Weather closure

We are closed due to the copious amounts of snow and ice.  Pharmacy requests are being checked from home, so call your pharmacy with refill requests.  We will try to check the voicemail this afternoon, so do call and leave a message if you have something specific you need us to check on.  We're hoping to be back in business tomorrow morning.

COVID policies still in place

Our staff has now received both doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine, so we are well on our way to returning to a more "normal" set of processes.

However, most of our patients have not had the chance to be immunized, and the community spread is still pretty steady.

As a result, we do have policies in place to protect you, and to minimize the amount of time our staff has to spend disinfecting things.

We are still requiring masks, and we are still wearing ours.

We are still allowing only one patient at a time in the office (yes, please do bring your "moral support" person who helps you remember things and gets you in and out--we aren't limiting family members).

Our front door is locked; we have the ability to unlock it remotely from the reception desk.  Call when you arrive or wave at the receptionist through the first door.  When you hear a "beep" you should be able to enter.

If you need to enter through the back door, please do call first.  

If you have any symptoms that could possibly be COVID-related, we will not be scheduling you for an in-office appointment.  We don't want to introduce any airborne particles that might compromise the next patient to come in.  Instead, the doctor will do an evaluation over the telephone.  

Please call us if you have questions or concerns.  As always, this pandemic has required flexibility, and we are taking it one day at a time.  Our goal is to keep ALL of you healthy.

Now seeing routine follow-ups

As we gradually return to normal, we're putting routine visits back on the schedule.  Contact us if you need a follow-up on a chronic condition (diabetes, high blood pressure).