Mount Washington Family Medicine

AthenaPatient app

A lot of folks have been asking ever since we switched computer systems if there's an app available for the patient portal.  And, up to now, the answer has been "no, sorry."  But now, we can share that Athena has a new app, called athenaPatient, that you can download from the Apple or Google app stores.  It allows you to check your test results, send portal messages to the doc or staff, and review your appointments.

For those of you who prefer the ease of an app to a link, this should make your portal experience a bit smoother.

Back to normal operation

Power came back on, Internet was restored, and everyone got rescheduled.   We think most of the prescription refills, etc, were handled without significant delays.  Thank you for your patience; I hope everyone in the region also is coming back online and getting back to normalcy.

Power outage

Mount Washington Family Medicine and the doctor's home are both part of the widespread power outage. If you have an appointment this week, please call to check in with us; when the power is back on (and therefore the phones are back up), we can get you rescheduled. If you have questions or concerns, send a message through the patient portal; we will be checking those once or twice a day when we have reliable laptop battery and internet access. Thank you for your patience.

Holiday schedule

Here's the head's-up on the holiday schedule!

We'll be closed Friday, 12/23, and Monday, 12/26.

The week of 12/27, Tosha will be out on vacation.  Dr. Anderson's teen may be pinch-hitting, but expect some moments where the phones may turn over to voicemail if you're trying to call when the doc is seeing patients--just leave a message and we'll call you back.

We hope everyone has a beautiful, soothing holiday season.

A bit short-staffed, and a scheduling note

Tosha is under the weather, so the doc is holding down the fort by herself this morning (and may be doing so for a few upcoming mornings).  Her relief won't arrive until closer to lunchtime, so expect the morning phone availability to be spotty.  (When she's in with a patient, she can't answer the phone.)  Just leave a message, and we'll give you a call back.  Or, even better, hop onto the portal and drop her a message there.  Those are usually get handled a bit more quickly than phone calls.

Also, depending on whether Tosha is able to make it back in, we may be closed for a portion of Wednesday.  It's Dr. Anderson's son's birthday, so she'll be finding ways to spend some time and energy on that.  Again, if no one answers the phone, leave us a voicemail or log in and leave a portal message and we'll get everything handled.

Thanks so much for your patience!