Mount Washington Family Medicine

New Year's closure

Tosha is on vacation this lovely holiday week.  If you've called or been into the office this week, you've spoken to either Dr. Anderson, or her super-helpful teenager, Teddy!  

Said teenager is an active Scout, and there is a Boy Scout event on Wednesday afternoon, so everyone will be out of the office Wednesday at twelve.  We will try to check voicemail late Wednesday or early Thursday morning, but your best bet for reaching the doc in a non-emergency manner is probably the patient portal (she'll see those messages when she settles in after dinner to catch up on prescriptions, etc).

We will be closed on December 31 for the New Year's holiday.

New computer system

As anyone who has called or come in over the last six weeks knows, we are on a new computer system.  This has, as might be expected, lots of pros, but also a few cons.

We are now on AthenaHealth, which has a lot more tools than our previous system.  However, there's a bit of a learning curve, so there are some delays in things while we try to get it all figured out.

Most important for all of YOU to know is that we now have a patient portal, where you can view your results, update your information, and send questions.  The link is in the upper right hand corner of our web page.

Second most important for you to know is that the doc is again way behind on lab results, because it's super-difficult to send results letters out in a manner that *isn't* the portal, so there's some backlog while she figures that out.

Third most important for you to know is that this change did not fix our communication issues with Kroger (which means it's likely a problem with their computer system and not ours).  If you're using a Kroger pharmacy, you will probably need to call or message us when you're due for refills, because we have not been receiving e-requests from them for several months now.  Since they don't seem inclined to look into this, we have a call out to SureScripts (a national e-prescribing company that handles many/most electronic prescriptions in our area) to see if they can find out what the problem is.  Hopefully, we can get that remedied soon, but in the meantime, just call us, and we'll work on getting your medication to you.

And, last on this list of "updates you might need to know about":  the new system does robocalls to remind you of your appointment, let you know you're due for an appointment, etc.  So, you'll likely be hearing a lot more from us (though it isn't always us, the humans sitting behind the desks here).  Don't be surprised when you see our number on your caller ID.  It's just a part of getting us all a bit more modern and helping to keep you updated.

We hope that overall this change leads to an improved experience for everyone, but we do hope you'll have some patience with us.  We know you often expect us to have all your information at our fingertips, and that may be more difficult going forward as we phase out the system that has housed all your information for the last fifteen years.  The more that you folks can update your information in the portal, the better our data will be, so take the time to check it out when you can.  We hope you love the portal and the reminders, or, if you don't, that they at least don't drive you too crazy.  The goal here is that the new system should make the humans on this side of the desk a bit more efficient, so we appreciate your patience.  (Go log onto the portal--the link is up top!  Update your picture so you're not stuck with the driver's-license mug shot Tosha will put on your chart when you come in!  Have some fun with it, make sure your medications are listed correctly, etc.)

Weather closure

We are closed due to the copious amounts of snow and ice.  Pharmacy requests are being checked from home, so call your pharmacy with refill requests.  We will try to check the voicemail this afternoon, so do call and leave a message if you have something specific you need us to check on.  We're hoping to be back in business tomorrow morning.

COVID policies still in place

Our staff has now received both doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine, so we are well on our way to returning to a more "normal" set of processes.

However, most of our patients have not had the chance to be immunized, and the community spread is still pretty steady.

As a result, we do have policies in place to protect you, and to minimize the amount of time our staff has to spend disinfecting things.

We are still requiring masks, and we are still wearing ours.

We are still allowing only one patient at a time in the office (yes, please do bring your "moral support" person who helps you remember things and gets you in and out--we aren't limiting family members).

Our front door is locked; we have the ability to unlock it remotely from the reception desk.  Call when you arrive or wave at the receptionist through the first door.  When you hear a "beep" you should be able to enter.

If you need to enter through the back door, please do call first.  

If you have any symptoms that could possibly be COVID-related, we will not be scheduling you for an in-office appointment.  We don't want to introduce any airborne particles that might compromise the next patient to come in.  Instead, the doctor will do an evaluation over the telephone.  

Please call us if you have questions or concerns.  As always, this pandemic has required flexibility, and we are taking it one day at a time.  Our goal is to keep ALL of you healthy.

Now seeing routine follow-ups

As we gradually return to normal, we're putting routine visits back on the schedule.  Contact us if you need a follow-up on a chronic condition (diabetes, high blood pressure).